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Report Summaries (Below)

Report Summaries (Below)


U.S. Hispanic Travelers Report - Exec Summary U.S. Hispanic Travelers Report - Exec Summary

Our new Hispanic Traveler report, produced in conjunction with Longwoods Travel USA, provides comprehensive demographic data and analysis on the U.S. Hispanic Traveler, including:

  •  Spending 
  •  Activities
  •  Social Media Usage
  •  Mode of Transport
  •  Trip Purpose
  •  Trip Planning 
  •  Booking 
  •  Destinations for both day and overnight stays
  •  And much more

This report is essential reading for those who wish to market to this growing segment of the US traveling population. 

The International Shopping Traveler Study - Exec Summary The International Shopping Traveler Study - Exec Summary

The International Shopping Traveler study was conducted among approximately 350 travelers in each of the top five inbound markets to the U.S. (Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico and UK) for a total of 1,760 completes. You can find the results and more great information FREE by downloading the report below.

Social Media Report Overview Social Media Report Overview

Learn what social networking sites leisure travelers in the US are using for travel and how they share information following their trips. This nationally representative study of 1,000 leisure travelers includes usage of social networking sites, attitudes toward social networking and the group sharing experience, data on trip planning behavior, the process of choosing a destination, hotel brand usage, leisure activities, business travel.   Other topic areas covered in the report include:
  • Use of traditional media (publications)
  • Trip planning behavior
  • Booking mechanisms
  • Number of business and leisure trips in the past 12 months
  • Number of international trips
  • Travel party composition
  • States and cities visited on last leisure trip
  • Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Hotel brands used
  • Activities participated in during travel
  • Trip spending
  • Economic impact
  • and More!
Download the FREE overview below.

International Emerging Market Report 2011 - Selected Findings International Emerging Market Report 2011 - Selected Findings

The study polled inbound travelers to the US who had visited  within the past twelve months on their overall itineraries and specifically on their shopping plans. The initial findings detail key trends amongst the Top 5 emerging/growth markets as identified by the DOC including visitors from Australia, Brazil, China, India, and Korea where DOC projects arrivals growth from 15 percent to 40 percent within the next three years.

Shopping is a key driver for these travelers in their choice of the U.S. as a destination, with a majority (56%) saying shopping was the key reason they took the trip or it helped them choose among destinations. In addition, these travelers purchased more than the twice the amount they had planned to purchase while shopping in the U.S.

 Additional Key Findings:

• Key Activities.

• Brand Awareness.

• Top Retailer.

• What are they buying?

• Use of Technology

According to Laura Mandala, travel industry consultant and former executive with the U.S. Travel Association, “The findings support  the thesis that travel barriers to the U.S. should be eliminated in order for the economy to benefit from the infusion these travelers can have on the U.S. marketplace.”


Project 85 -- The Drive Market Summary Project 85 -- The Drive Market Summary


According to the US Travel Association, the drive market represents 85% of the one billion overnight trips taken in the U.S.

This report provides travel, tourism, location-based content, mapping and navigation organizations with the data they need to better understand the travel behavior of this increasingly important segment of the marketplace.  From planning and booking tools to hotel preferences, this study provides comprehensive information for addressing these travelers’ needs increasing your market share, and increasing travel spend. 

This study has both a consumer and industry component, to provide readers with a comprehensive view of the drive market and how industry is responding. 

Component  I - Consumer Survey

This is an online survey with 1,000 consumers who have taken one or more leisure trips 50+ miles from home OR requiring an overnight stay in the past 12 months.  Some component of the trip included a car.  The survey is a nationally representative sampling of adults 18 years or older.   

The general areas of study in the consumer survey includes:

  • Planning behavior, including websites, blogs, photos/videos, other social media, as well as offline tools, such as maps, guidebooks, etc.;
  • Frequency of trips with air as the primary mode of transportation, but with a drive component on the destination end;
  • Use of mapping, content, online travel sites, ticketing sites, etc.;
  • Booking behavior; channel choice and preferences, plus booking window by length of trip;
  • Satisfaction with planning and booking tools; are they meeting travelers’ needs?;
  • Destination preferences for drive trips;
  • Preferences that vary by type of trip and mode of transportation;
  • Use of mobile devices, including GPS and smartphone;
  • Hotel brand preference;
  • Vacation rental ownership and usage;
  • Responsiveness to various offers and discounts;
  • Demographics; with a section focused on the differences for the 50+ market
  • Overall economic value of the drive market

Culinary Cultural Traveler Report Summary Culinary Cultural Traveler Report Summary

Culinary travelers, defined as those who travel for unique and memorable eating or drinking experiences, make up roughly one-fifth of the U.S. leisure traveling population. Compared to the average leisure traveler, wine and culinary travelers are more affluent, better educated, and take part in more activities while traveling, making this a large, active, and lucrative market for destinations and other travel marketers. In addition to providing a detailed demographic profile of these travelers, this report on the wine and culinary traveler provides specific characteristics of the trips they take, including the amount of money they spend, the other activities they engage in while traveling, and the most popular destinations for wine and culinary travel. Sponsored by Gourmet, Edge Research and the International Culinary Tourism Association. Released January 2007.