Research Solutions
Mandala Research offers reliable, cost-effective options for syndicated and customized industry market research. We use traditional and innovative research methods to seek connections, uncover truths, discover the surprising, even confirm the suspected. But it’s how we do it that matters. We’re experts in developing the most reliable methodology and carrying out the tasks with accuracy. Then we help you use that information to better connect with your world.

Syndicated Studies
Working with well-respected partners, we identify general topic studies that can be of use to a variety of clients and design original research to explore those topics. When the studies are complete, clients may purchase any or all of the data in various formats. These are fast-moving because we explore in-the-news-now topics that clients needed information on yesterday. We’ve thought of it, researched it, and have the results often before you can pick up the phone.
When Mexico identified the first cases of the Swine Flu, or H1N1 virus, no one knew how the virus might spread or how it might affect the U.S. economy. By the time the first cases of the virus were being identified in the United States, Mandala Research already had a study that found potential in-bound travel pattern changes. The information from that study helped travel and tourism clients communicate with potential tourists and thwart a potentially damaging economic situation.
Sponsorship Opportunities
Often, we get calls from organizations, public and private partners, and others who have an idea for a tourism indistry research study that requires more in-depth planning. In that case, Mandala Research will design a study for sponsors, or those organizations that want to buy in and participate with a group. We facilitate studies that allow the group to work together, providing more information at a lower cost.Example:
Several organizations were interested in cultural travelers and their needs and preferences, so Mandala Research led the project. With partners U.S. Cultural & Heritage Traveler Marketing Council and the U.S. Department of Commerce, MR developed the study, and sponsors were allowed to submit questions and have input on the study’s design. The result was a data-rich study that provided proprietary information to all the sponsors while providing relevant, timely information to other travel & tourism clients and even other industries.

Because both of these options are shared products, they offer cutting-edge technology and data at a fraction of the cost. Mandala Research publicizes upcoming Standard Studies and Sponsorship Opportunities on this web site, through our e-mail notification program, and through trade advertising.

Customized Research
We customize travel research studies, conduct public polling, design and implement targeted online studies, and more to help answer your most pressing questions. Our customized work includes the following:

  • Brand Awareness and Image Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Creative Concept/Message Development and Tracking
  • Product/Service Development Research
  • Public Opinion Polling
  • Market Segmentation
  • Employee/Membership Research

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