The 2013 Cultural and Heritage Traveler Report

The 2013 Cultural and Heritage Traveler Report

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The 2013 Cultural and Heritage Traveler report identifies the broad range of cultural and heritage travel in the United States, profiles the various segments of cultural travelers, and provides insight into their economic value to travel companies and destinations.

Not only does this report detail all that destination marketers need to know about this high-value segment of travelers, it uses the benchmark data from the first Cultural and Heritage Study to highlight trends and reveal shifts in travel behaviors and preferences since 2009 when that study was conducted.

This study also includes data and insights related to devices travelers use for travel research, booking and finding information while traveling.

Key data and insights in this report include:

  • Psychographics & Demographics
  • Trip planning and travel behavior
  • Devices used to research, book and find information while traveling
  • Levels of involvement in cultural activities and overlap across activities
  • Traveler’s definition of “cultural” activities and travel and its importance
  • Generational differences in cultural travel preferences (Millennial, Gen X, and Boomers)
  • Overall economic value of this segment to the marketplace

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