The Role of Sustainability in Travel and Tourism

The Role of Sustainability in Travel and Tourism

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This 80+ page study of 2292 travelers goes beyond the environmental definition of sustainability to take a closer look at the other three legs of the sustainability stool namely social, economic and governance. The research specifically gauges how significant sustainable practices are to travelers and how travelers perceive sustainability.

The report which segments sustainable travelers from general leisure travelers assesses the value and impact of sustainability on travelers by understanding traveler expectations and their propensity to support destinations and travel companies that implement sustainable practices. The study was undertaken with our partner Sustainable Travel International. The objectives of the study were:

  • To examine traveler expectations, definitions of sustainability, and propensity to visit destinations and support travel companies that contribute to the social, environmental and economic well-being of host communities
  • To take a closer look at all key components of sustainability, specifically, environmental, social, cultural, economic and governance
  • To demonstrate the role of travel and tourism in protecting the environmental, economic and social fabric of destinations globally
  • To engage participants in a collaborative approach to generating the most in-depth and insightful analysis on the value, demand for, and return on investment of sustainability.


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