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We offer a diverse range of travel market research products and services - along with expert analysis - to Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

  • Increase Your Market Share
  • Understand Your Target Audience
  • Determine Buying Patterns
  • Target The Right Demographics

Mandala Research has the Experience, Tools, Knowledge, and Proprietary Technology

  • Identify and surgically target specific markets
  • Pose precise questions in order to get actionable answers
  • Analyze the results and tell you how to apply them to your business

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  • Effectively communicate with your target market
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Invest your resources wisely

Over the last decade, MR has developed an expertise in market research for the retail industry. Given the rapid and ever-changing landscape of this vital sector of the global economy, knowledge of shopper perception is critical to decision making both in the long and short term. Whether malls, outlet centers, department stores, or local shops selling local goods, our research assists our clients in optimizing opportunities.

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Our Clients

We have worked with (among many others) the following companies and organizations:


Mandala Research recognized the need to understand the 85% of tourists who drive to their destinations. This drive market has been underserved and taken for granted for decades creating missed opportunities for myriad travel businesses and destinations. AARP was a lead sponsor of the study and based on the results was able to target specific psycho-graphic groups with discounts, promotion and marketing for their drive holidays.


The state of Oregon tourism agency partnered with the state arts council and the state historic preservation department to underwrite an extensive research study on culture and heritage in the State. Recognizing that the vast majority of visitors to Oregon were unaware of the State’s wealth of cultural assets, The research focused not only on key feeder markets outside the state, it delved deeply into perceptions of those within the state and segmented the market based on driver of destination choice. The research was used extensively in their marketing and advertising campaigns and helped Oregon to shift perception of the State.

Living Social Living Social

Living Social hired Mandala Research as their primary provider of data on the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the country. A new topic was chosen monthly and a survey was sent through our panel. The knowledge gained by these surveys allowed us to rank the various markets with heat maps and key findings. Living Social was able to send out monthly press releases giving them a stellar public relations tool for both end-users and providers.

Tanger Tanger

With a diverse portfolio of locations in primary residential and tourism destinations, Tanger needed to understand who their shoppers were and what they wanted from their shopping experience. Our teams of interviewers were dispatched around the country to learn who, when, why and what these shoppers wanted. Not only did we provide quantitative information for each mall, we also provided benchmarking and recommendations for the portfolio overall.

Corpus Christi Corpus Christi

At Mandala we believe in matching people with place as the best way to build and sustain a successful tourism industry. For Corpus Christi, this turned out to be an easy task. By focusing on niche markets like outdoor adventure and birding, we were able to provide strong messaging that would resonate with high value tourists and help the city differentiate itself from other destinations along the coast.

Ritz Carlton Ritz Carlton

Sustainability matters in big ways and small. Coming on the heels of the federal directive for sustainable meetings and conferences, Mandala Research was hired to help The Ritz Carlton refine and define its commitment to exceed best practices in the industry. Mandala Research has a long history of working with Marriott on everything from new lobbies and amenities to guest survey collation and recommendations across their brands around the world.