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Welcome to Mandala Research, a trusted market research firm that offers a diverse range of travel market research products and services - along with expert analysis - to Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.
  • Increase Your Market Share
  • Understand Your Target Audience
  • Determine Buying Patterns
  • Target The Right Demographics

Mandala Research has the Experience, Tools, Knowledge, and Proprietary Technology

  • We identify and target the specific market
  • We pose the exact questions
  • Get the precise answers
  • We Quantify the results and tell you how to apply them to your business

Partner with Mandala and You will:

  • Effectively communicate with your target market
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Invest your resources wisely

Studies & News


  Mandala attends the 2014 ABC's of African American Hotel Ownership in Washington DC.

"We would like to invite you to our annual ABC’s of African American Hotel Ownership workshop on Saturday, September 27th at the Marriott Marquis Washington DC during Congressional Black Caucus weekend. 


lauraatconference Mandala attends the 2014 Multicultural Heritage Tourism Conference - in Miami, Florida. 
"Your attendance and/or participation in the 13th annual BM&T APEX Awards dinner held as a part of the recent Multicultural & Heritage Tourism Summit in Miami, is greatly appreciated."





The Role of Sustainability in Travel and Tourism, 2016

The Role of Sustainability in Travel and Tourism, 2016

This 80+ page study of 2292 travelers goes beyond the environmental definition of sustainability to take a closer look at the other three legs of the sustainability stool namely social, economic and governance.  The research specifically gauges how significant sustainable practices are to travelers and how travelers perceive sustainability. 

The report which segments sustainable travelers from general leisure travelers assesses the value and impact of sustainability on travelers by understanding traveler expectations and their propensity to support destinations and travel companies that implement sustainable practices.   The study was undertaken with our partner Sustainable Travel International.  The objectives of the study were:

  • To examine traveler expectations, definitions of sustainability, and propensity to visit destinations and support travel companies that contribute to the social, environmental and economic well-being of host communities
  • To take a closer look at all key components of sustainability, specifically, environmental, social, cultural, economic and governance
  • To demonstrate the role of travel and tourism in protecting the environmental, economic and social fabric of destinations globally  
  • To engage participants in a collaborative approach to generating the most in-depth and insightful analysis on the value, demand for, and return on investment of sustainability.


 The American Culinary Traveler Report - Culinary Traveler Report - $395
Just released “The American Culinary Traveler Report” provides a comprehensive portrait of this exploding market and segments these travelers into three groups: Deliberate, Opportunistic, and Accidental Culinary travelers.  Over 39 million leisure travelers are “deliberate” culinary travelers with an additional 35 million who are “opportunistic”.
The findings included in this 130 page report enable destination marketers, tourism authorities, CVBs and others to surgically target the right culinary traveler for them.  Details include activities, motivators, behaviors, types of culinary traveler, trip related data, spending, information source used of trip planning and booking, and social media usage. Purchase this report for $395. 

The 2013 Cultural and Heritage Traveler Report
The 2013 Cultural and Heritage Traveler report is ready to be purchased.  This report identifies the broad range of cultural and heritage travel in the United States, profiles the various segments of cultural travelers, and provides insight into their economic value to travel companies and destinations. Purchase this report for only $295.

Mandala Attends White House Business Council Meeting
On November 20, Laura Mandala attended a White House Business Council meeting where business leaders and senior administration officials engaged in conversation about the President's plan for the budget and the current situation regarding the fiscal cliff.  As a member of the US Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, Laura is pleased to be able to get first hand information about policies being discussed that are critical to promoting job creation and investing in America's long term economic competitiveness. 

Mandala Research study featured in the NY Times:
17% of African-Americans take international trips each year; spend $48B on travel in US.  Read article Traveling While Black

Upcoming Studies 

The International Traveler Study
The International Traveler Study is an upcoming study about International travelers from the top inbound markets to the US - China, Brazil, Germany, UK, and others to be determined by our sponsors.  We are looking for sponsors to join Macy's and Mall of America, Louisiana Tax Free Shopping and others in this study to understand inbound travelers.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The Gender Report

This report will help travel marketers craft messages precisely based on distinct differences between men and women when it comes to travel decision-making.  Purchase The Gender Report Now for $295.

Women in Travel & Tourism International 
Women in Travel & Tourism International (witti) is an organization focused on enhancing the success of women in the travel and tourism industry through peer-to-peer networking, mentoring, lead sharing, and giving back to the global community in meaningful ways.  Witti holds events at travel industry conferences. Visit www.womenintravelandtourism.com for more information.

Mandala Research won two SAIS (Shop America Alliance) Awards, At Annual ONE Travel Conference, 2013
Mandala Research won one SAIS (Shop America Alliance) Awards, At Annual ONE Travel Conference, 2014

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